Installation and packages

  • Run below command in Ubuntu/Mint or download executable file from the windows. Also, portable version of sublime is available, which can be saved and executed in usb-stick.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-3 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sublime-text-installer
  • After installing sublime, press ctrl+shift+p and select “Install Packages Control

  • Install packages: ctrl+shift+p and select Package Control: Install Packages, then type the package name
    • print to html,
    • reStructuredText Improved,
    • reStructured Text (RST) snippests.
    • Cython syntax support
    • VHDL package for sublime text
    • SystemVerilog
  • Change tabs-to-spaces : go to “preferences->settings” and replace the existing code with below code,

     "translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,
  • Convert existing ‘tabs’ to ‘spaces : go to “preferences->Key Bindings” and replace the existing code with

            { "keys": ["ctrl+shift+y"], "command": "expand_tabs", "args" : {"set_translate_tabs" : true} }

    Now press ‘ctrl+shift+y’ in the file, to replace tabs with spaces in the existing files.

  • List of various software for Linux are shown at Linux software list

Keyboard shortcuts


Command Description
ctrl kk delete line
ctrl k backspace delete from cursor to end of line
ctrl shift k delete line
ctrl x cut line
ctrl shift d duplicate line
ctrl j join below line to current line
ctrl shift up-arrow move line/selection up
ctrl shift down-arrow move line/selection down
ctrl d select word, press again to select next occurrence
ctrl l select line, press again to select next line
ctrl enter insert blank line below
ctrl shift enter insert blank line above
ctrl m go to end of parentheses; press again to go to beginning
ctrl shift m select all content of current parentheses
ctrl ] indent line
ctrl [ unindent line
ctrl shift d duplicate line
ctrl / comment/uncomment line
ctrl shift / block-comment the selection e.g. in C and C++
ctrl y redo the last operation/command
ctrl shift v paste and indent correctly
ctrl shift f find and replace in open/selected files/folders
ctrl h replace
ctrl f find
ctrl o open file
ctrl n new file
alt shift p print to html
ctrl shift right-mouse-click select beginning/end of multiple lines
ctrl + zoom in
ctrl - zoom out (will not work for .rst file)


Command Description
ctrl PageUp go to next tab (cyclic)
ctrl PageDown go to previous tab (cyclic)
ctrl w close current tab
ctrl shift t open last closed tab

Split windows

Command Description
alt shift 1 single screen
alt shift 2 split view in 2 columns
alt shift 3 split view in 3 columns
alt shift 4 split view in 4 columns
alt shift 5 split in grid-view with 4 columns
alt shift 8 split in grid-view with 2 row
alt shift 9 split in grid-view with 3 row
ctrl number(1-4) go to screen-number
ctrl shift number(1-4) move file to screen-number


Command Description
ctrl F2 Toggle Bookmark
F2 go to next bookmark
shift F2 go to previous bookmark
ctrl shift F2 clear all bookmarks

Text cases

Put the cursor below the word,

Command Description
ctrl KL lowercase
ctrl KU uppercase


  • Type part of spelling and press tab to complete it.
  • Also, we can type first few and last few letters of the spelling to select the word with similar letters. For example to auto-complete state_reg, we can type sr and then press tab.

Spell check

F6 : turn on/off spell checking

RestructuredText commands

  • rst table : ctrl t enter
  • underline the heading : type symbol three or more times, and press tab
  • Go to next header : alt up/down-arrow